How to Find a Great Hotel For Your Next Holiday

How to Find a Great Hotel For Your Next Holiday
When planning your holiday, first step is booking a flight and then the decision is where to stay. There are many considerations when making that decision; what kind of holiday are you planning? Mountain trek? Honeymoon or anniversary celebration? Family time? Just rest and relaxation? Knowing what your plans are for your vacation will help narrow the choices of hotel. You may not need all the frills, and will enjoy your leisure knowing that there is more money in your pocket for sight-seeing and dining, or you may want that all-out luxury experience, and need to treat yourself to the best.

There are many options in types of hotel accommodation available. The place to start searching is online discount travel sites. You will be able to narrow down the selection on most sites, using filters for price, amenities, and distance from sites or city centre. Look carefully at the amenities offered, and consider which you must have and those you can live without. If you have rented a car, free parking will be an important consideration, but if you are in a city centre, you can probably ditch the car and take public transit and taxis.

Often, you will find a better hotel deal on the outskirts of a city. If you want to explore the surrounding area, and have rented a car, you will probably decide this is the better option; getting into the city centre for museums or night life will be easy enough, and getting out of the city will save some cash.

If you plan on staying in the same area for more than a night or two, many hotels offer a discount for the fourth or fifth night. It will be your home base, and then things like a pool, or coffee and a small fridge in the room, or wi-fi and premium cable may be considerations when making your decision. Some offer family rates, where children under twelve can stay for free, and some offer free breakfast. These can all influence your decision on hotels.
How to Find a Great Hotel For Your Next Holiday
When you are booking a flight, many online discount travel sites can add a hotel at a lowered price for the package. This can be a great savings to you, as hotels will offer rooms to these sites as a way of ensuring reservations. It is to their advantage to book those rooms, even at a discount, rather than have empty rooms. It is very beneficial if you are booking a last minute flight as it makes the whole experience trouble free.

Last minute flights are a great bargain. Check online travel discount sites often, or sign up for emails that many offer. These bargains are often hard to resist for that much needed break. If you are not set on a destination, there is a world of discovery out there, and last minute flights can take you to places you never expected to go. They can feed that spontaneous spirit in you, if you can act on the spur of the moment.

The Best Koh Tao Hotel For Your Thailand Holiday

The Best Koh Tao Hotel For Your Thailand Holiday
Finding the best Koh Tao Hotel for your Thailand Holiday shouldn’t be left to chance. Many people don’t do enough research before booking a Thailand vacation, and they just pick a Thailand Hotel out of a brochure, and if they get it wrong, then they won’t have a great Thailand vacation, and they might also find that the beautiful Thailand beach they were promised in the brochure isn’t what it was cracked up to be.

It pays to do research, and it is worth discovering Koh Tao.

Koh Tao is a beautiful island off the coast of Thailand just north of Koh Samui. The best hotel on Koh Tao is the Charm Churee Villa which sits very close to Jansom Bay. This is one of Koh Tao’s most beautiful and private beaches in the south west corner of the island.

The best way to get to Koh Tao is to fly into Koh Samui and get the catamaran over. Do pay extra and get seats in the VIP lounge. To get to the Charm Churee you’ll be picked up by water taxi and taken to the small private beach.

You need to book a Sunset Villa at the Charm Churee. They are huge, even having a dressing room, and a very large bathroom. Two balconies look out at the sea, and very private too. The rooms don’t have all the bits like TV’s and DVD’s but honestly, do you come to a place like Koh Tao for that anyway. There are no telephones in the rooms, but if you want reception you can just use your mobile phone.
The Best Koh Tao Hotel For Your Thailand Holiday
It is not only the accommodation that makes this the best hotel on Koh Tao, it is the beach, the ambience, and very much the food in the restaurant, and down at the beach bar. Meals in the restaurant do take quite a long time to arrive, and everything will arrive at once, but it is well worth the wait. The lunch at the beach bar has an extensive reasonably priced menu, with excellent seafood, but it is only a short walk of less than a quarter of an hour into town, where this a good selection of very reasonably priced restaurants.

The Spa in the Charm Churee is extremely good, better than you will find in any other Koh Tao hotel, in fact this may be the only spa on the island. It is built as little Thai Huts, and a couples massage can easily be arranged.

The Charm Churee Villa really only has one downside, and that is the number of steps, boulders and difficult paths. There can be over 50 steps to your villa, which doesn’t matter if you are young and fit, but has to be considered if there are elderly, disabled or very young children coming to this Koh Tao accommodation.

It is worth noting that the cheaper rooms are a lot further up the hill!

The beach is grdat, and there are masses of fish. The hotel has snorkelling gear but you would be advised to take your own. There are two bamboo rafts anchored offshore to relax on. The sea is just like swimming in an aquarium.

If you are in Koh Tao for the scuba diving, a very strong recommendation is Dive Point. Take the hotel longboat out to Koh Nang Yuang where there is another great beach and very good for snorkelling.

You will find the hotel staff at Charm Churee very friendly, a number of them are from Burma.

There is little doubt that if you are on a Thailand Holiday you need to visit Koh Tao, and the best Koh Tao Hotel is the Charm Churee Villa.